Noah Albaladejo

Noah Albaladejo is a ripper from Andorra, a tiny little country in Europe that’s smashed into the Pyrennees Mountains between France and Spain. With a total population of just under 80,000, every Andorran could lap Whistler Blackcomb at the same time. But its mountains are big and gnarly, featuring steep alpine terrain and home to Vallnord and Grandvalira resorts.

Noah films with Stept Studios and Level 1 Productions. He is featured in Level 1’s 2015 film “Small World,”  and was chosen as the “14/15 Best European Skier of the year” by Noah won “Best Overall Rider” and “Best Trick” at the 2015 B&E Invitational.

Unfortunately he was sidelined by an injury just after that, but after some tough recuperation he’s back on the hill for the 2016/2017. We’re stoked to welcome him to Revision Skis.


Noah Albaladejo

Mammoth Mountain early season | Photo cred: Raimon Suarez @raimonsg


Joshua Alvarez photo

Photo cred: Joshua Alvarez





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Spring Park Shoots in Aspen & Snowbird


It was time to take a break from the spring hot laps and head to Aspen for the first park shoot of the season with Level 1 productions. Springtime at most ski resorts is always odd as the town or village usually has little to no visitors. It truly feels a little bit like a ghost town.

It had been awhile since Aspen had done a park shoot of this caliber. It was really cool to see them use some existing infrastructure to create the features they did.

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

The boys checking out the canon feature

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

Hello Aspen!!

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

A sneak peak of the bridge feature

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

Aspen scenery


Aspen had set up a really cool bridge feature high up on the mountain for the crew to session. With multiple take offs, gaps and rails there were tons of options for everyone to get down on. Thanks for the good times aspen! And as always be sure to check out the shots in Level 1’s new film Pleasure!




Snowbird was the final park shoot of the season with Level 1. And with it falling so late in the month we were expecting some killer weather. However we were in for a surprise as we got hit with some freak dumps and a few thunderstorms. After a few days of the weather not cooperating everyone was starting to get a little frustrated. However our 4 star accommodations were making up for it. After the first few days of crummy weather the clouds and storms parted ways and we were finally able to get down to business. We had some help from a snowcat a couple days but most of the features we hit were built by hand by our huge crew. Its crazy how fast a jump goes up when you have 12 people working on it.


Spring park shoots in Aspen - Sandy Boville

Khai Krepela with some shadow inception trick

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

Everybody hard at work

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

Jump shaping

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

Look at that beautiful booter!


Sometimes I like to goof around


Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

A spring park shoot wouldn’t be good without a powder day

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

Views from the top of Snowbird

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

Closing day and the people came!


Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

Chairlift view of our double jumpline

Spring park shoots - Sandy Boville

Our final evening came with a gorgeous sunset

My Journey to Follow the Snow

After spending most of last winter at home in Ontario and also hopping on some Level 1 trips, it was time for Sandy Boville to head west to wrap up the season. Follow along on his journey of spring skiing across the country. 

My girlfriend and I packed up our car and headed to Whistler. We took some extra time along the way to visit family and friends. It’s always nice to be able to break up the cross-continent drive. We made a pit stop in Montana to meet up with friends and take a ski day up at Big Sky Resort.


Skiing Big Sky with Shay Lee


We also skied at Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver along the way. Mt Seymour is one of my favorite places to ski when the sun is shining and the weather is great. They have a high-speed quad servicing the park with a ton of natural hits all the way down. And on a really good day, you can see all of Vancouver from the top. It’s a very beautiful place to slide down the snow.


Mount Seymour Edit


Upon arriving in whistler it was time to take advantage of some spring riding. This is the second year I’ve spent my springtime in Whistler and it just gets better and better every year. And when the weather cooperates, it’s the place to be.


Spring skiing

Spring skiing

Spring skiing on Revision Talisman Skis

Spring skiing at Whistler

Spring skiing with Revision Skis

Park Photos by Andi Wardrop



Sled accessed spring skiing

Was even lucky enough to get out on a sled this spring and see some new sights in Whistler!


Finally, other than the the spring skiing out west there are so many other activities you can do. Biking, hiking, and swimming (editor’s note: brr!) to name a few. It’s especially cool to be able to camp out in the mountains with a spectacular view and be able to wake up and go skiing that same day.


Spring skiing camping



My good friend Peter and I were also able to link up and film a short edit. Video By Peter M.

Sandy Boville: Momentum Summer Camps

This is a recap of Sandy Boville’s past summer, which he spent as a coach at Momentum Ski Camps in Whistler, B.C. Enjoy!

About a week after returning from park shoots, I started coaching at Momentum Ski Camps for the summer. It was one of my favorite summers in memory. The camp ran for five weeks, starting off with an adult week, followed by family week, and ending with three weeks of kids camps. From skiing, to afternoon activities, dinners, and evening activities, it was action packed almost every moment! Below are some highlights of my time!



Apres ski at Momentum Ski Camps

The first week of camp was quite rowdy. Look at the size of that aprés! Adult week is a crazy time. If you’re an adult you should come experience it for yourself!

Momentum Ski Camps powder skiing

The first week also blessed us with some fresh snow.

Down day at Momentum Ski Camps

Not all days on the glacier are blessed with good weather. But this stellar crew of coaches keeps the campers stoked no matter what.


However, once it’s nice…..It’s REALLY nice!

Bronzing time at Momentum Ski Camps Each day starts with a morning stretch/dance party. Also known as bronzing time.

Momentum Ski Camps sunset shootMomentum Ski Camps usually hosts a sunset shoot during the third session. Along with the coaches, diggers, filmers, photographers and guest coaches anyone partaking in the Exposure camp is invited up for the evening.

Momentum Ski Camps S rail

This feature sat at the bottom of the terrain park all summer. Sometimes quite frustrating, but when you greased it you felt pretty accomplished getting back on the t-bar.

Momentum Ski Camps wrap up party

A big highlight of camp is always the week wrap up party. We all head down to the lake, eat pizza, play games and give away free things. This kid you can say really wanted free stuff. Nose bleed during the pizza eating contest. #almostwon

Summer camp is a pretty special place and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

End of camp Momentum Ski Camps

Cheers to a summer well spent!

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The Level 1 Superunknown Experience

In 2016, Mike Cappola and Sam Zahner rose to the top of the Level 1 Superunknown XIII ski video contest. Capps was selected as a finalist, and Sam made the finals as the wildcard pick.

Together, this put two Revision riders in the top ten of a global contest. Superunknown is designed to bring the best amateur skiers in the world into the spotlight. Check out the edit and then read the Mike’s descriptions of the experience below.

Mike said, “It was an amazing experience! It was so cool to be able to go up to Winter Park and make literally what ever comes to our minds! Especially since we could just hop in the snow cat with the builder and tell him all the little things and modifications we were thinking of. Couldn’t thank Winter Park’s park crew enough. We would walk outside and they were waiting for us to hop in the people mover and send it up for another sick day of skiing!

But as an insider it’s crazy, in all types of ways. Chillin’ with all the boys at night going to get some dinner then crushing some cans with everyone. The whole time I was there, there was not once ounce of boredness. Always on the move doing something on the mountain and in the hotel. Everyday we would usually wake up around 9 or so, I’d have to hit the hot tub. But then around 1 o’clock we would hear up meet outside and the park crew was ready to take us ALLL THE WAYY UP! Then once were up there if we didn’t have a feature built from the previous day to session we would start on another feature to build. Everyone had so many great ideas only if we could build them all. We all would collaborate ideas and pick one were all down with which worked out great, we probably hit about 14 or so features stacking shots on shot!

Then towards when the sun is setting and getting dark we wrap up hop in the cat to ride back down the mountain and get some food because we’re all dying of hunger lol.

We all come to a good decision on dinner and grub out!! Watch some shots from the day and think about some new ideas for the next day.  Thanks to Winter Park and Level 1 for all the amazing amenities! Then hit the LC and fire up some rounds of thunderstruck with all the boyz to get the night started!!”

Congrats to Mike and Sam on making the finals of Level 1 Superunknown and throwing down with some heavy park skiing. Enjoy the ski videos below.

Duality Days Skiing in Utah

Last winter I had some downtime between contests and projects at the start of March.  I was hanging in Utah when I saw a snow forecast for over a foot of snow due in the Wasatch front, followed by a week of sun.  So I called my good friend Alex Mager of Bloom Content to link up and brainstorm a short project showcasing the duality of ski scenes in Utah.  Salt Lake City is one of the Ski Meccas of North America with over 7 resorts within 30 minutes.  The interesting part is how drastically different the scene and vibes are at each resort.  There are so many skiers, so much terrain, and so many styles of skiing.  That is the best part about Utah, no matter what type of skiing you like there is a place for you.

So Alex and I decided to film one day at Alta and one day at Park City because they are about as opposite on the spectrum as you can get.  Alta is an off piste playground.  There is no park except for the jumps and side hits that get built everywhere by local shredders.  At Alta, however, the ski patrol doesn’t destroy jumps.  This allows the whole mountain to be transformed into the ultimate terrain park.  This makes Alta the perfect stomping ground for the Revision Subtraction.  The Subtraction allowed me to butter, float, and jump my way around while having a blast.  Alex and I spent our day on the classic Wildcat chair hitting features into a foot of light Utah pow.  I haven’t had many days at Alta but every time I go there I have one of the best days of my season.  We hit jumps, drops, tree taps and took tons of pow turns before treating ourselves to some delicious pizza at the Goldminer’s Daughter.   

A couple days later once the storm had passed Alex and I met up again, this time to get some park laps in on the east side of the Wasatch Front at Park City Mountain Resort.  Park City has one of the best lap parks in the world.  The park chair gives you access to two different jump and rail lines and the features range from mellow to gnarly.  The S-rail is one of my favorites and cannon rails always get me stoked.  We had a banger day getting both jump and rail shots in the sun.  The parking lot is right by the lift so we were able to take a car lunch and I made the switch from my Dimes, which I use to jump, to my Talismans, which I prefer for rails.  The two park skis really cover all the types of tricks I want to do so it is optimal to have both of them in the car, depending on what I feel like skiing that day.  The Camber of the Dime is nice for cold mornings when the snow is tough, but as it gets slushy the Talisman is the ski you need to blast through and not catch in the ruts.  Both Park City and Alta treated us well and with just two days in Utah we were able to do some really fun skiing.  I can’t wait for this winter, do your snow dance everyone!! -Ian Hamilton

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King of the Road

Revision Skis is proud to present “King of the Road” by Mike King. Watch Mike and Frank King as they travel Northwest in their mobile homes, while searching for deep pow. The duo found the goods and were able to put together this full segment thanks to Frank’s work behind the camera while documenting Mike and his endeavors.

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Check out the 2015/2016 Spencer Milbocker season edit for some good old fashioned summertime skiing stoke. Enjoy “Busker” above and then be sure to scroll down to read Spencer’s season recap

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Looking back on the 2015/2016 season Milbocker said, “My season started off with a move to Salt Lake City in early August to shred PC all year and to film in the city. We didn’t get any snow in the city until the middle of December. I was hungry to get the season really started and got some footage on the first session of the year, but on the second night I broke and dislocated my elbow.

So, that was a set back for a couple of months. At around a month after the injury, I slowly started to shred around Park City again, hitting rails. At the end of February it was feeling good enough to start filming again but not necessarily good enough to really fall on it. Snow was melting everywhere in the states and the season was coming to an end.

I jetted back to Michigan to link up with Mike to get the ball rolling again. We had around 3 weeks of snow where we were at, so we worked as fast as we could to stack as many clips as we could before all of the snow melted.”

It ended up being a very productive three weeks and I was able to get a little part together, pretty stoked on the season given the circumstances and I’m excited for what next season has to bring.”

Hope you enjoy Busker as much as we did!

Reviboyz in Trondheim


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Over the winter of 2015/2016, the Reviboyz took a trip from Sweden to Norway to film “Reviboyz in Trondheim.” Check out the edit above and then read a quick recap below.
Tobias says, “Well, we drove to Trondheim and had this project in mind which was going to be filmed by Gustav Cavallin. We lived in a penthouse downtown, partied, and filmed over 8-days. We mostly cramped up in a room in this collective with already 5 people living there, and more, then doubled the numbers. Birthday parties, early mornings and loads of candy got us through the trip, not all healthy though as some good diggers were dug and slowly but surely the snow melted.”
“Trondheim treated us with natural inruns, snowy hills and made us feel some type of way which Jens Nilssons shows of when his editing and Gustavs filming gets mixed together and perfected, accompanied by Dirt and Grime & CYBER69.” – Tobias
“The trip started off in Åre after a weekend avalanche training course. Me, Tobias, Douglas, Jens, Leo and Gustav drove to Trondheim hoping there would be some snow there still. In lack of aux inputs in the car,  R-Kelly’s greatest hits was our only choice of music. After a good week in Trondheim we went back to Östersund and stayed at Jens’ place for a few days.” – Sakarias Majander
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