King of the Road

Revision Skis is proud to present “King of the Road” by Mike King. Watch Mike and Frank King as they travel Northwest in their mobile homes, while searching for deep pow. The duo found the goods and were able to put together this full segment thanks to Frank’s work behind the camera while documenting Mike and his endeavors.

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Check out the 2015/2016 Spencer Milbocker season edit for some good old fashioned summertime skiing stoke. Enjoy “Busker” above and then be sure to scroll down to read Spencer’s season recap

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Looking back on the 2015/2016 season Milbocker said, “My season started off with a move to Salt Lake City in early August to shred PC all year and to film in the city. We didn’t get any snow in the city until the middle of December. I was hungry to get the season really started and got some footage on the first session of the year, but on the second night I broke and dislocated my elbow.

So, that was a set back for a couple of months. At around a month after the injury, I slowly started to shred around Park City again, hitting rails. At the end of February it was feeling good enough to start filming again but not necessarily good enough to really fall on it. Snow was melting everywhere in the states and the season was coming to an end.

I jetted back to Michigan to link up with Mike to get the ball rolling again. We had around 3 weeks of snow where we were at, so we worked as fast as we could to stack as many clips as we could before all of the snow melted.”

It ended up being a very productive three weeks and I was able to get a little part together, pretty stoked on the season given the circumstances and I’m excited for what next season has to bring.”

Hope you enjoy Busker as much as we did!

Reviboyz in Trondheim


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Over the winter of 2015/2016, the Reviboyz took a trip from Sweden to Norway to film “Reviboyz in Trondheim.” Check out the edit above and then read a quick recap below.
Tobias says, “Well, we drove to Trondheim and had this project in mind which was going to be filmed by Gustav Cavallin. We lived in a penthouse downtown, partied, and filmed over 8-days. We mostly cramped up in a room in this collective with already 5 people living there, and more, then doubled the numbers. Birthday parties, early mornings and loads of candy got us through the trip, not all healthy though as some good diggers were dug and slowly but surely the snow melted.”
“Trondheim treated us with natural inruns, snowy hills and made us feel some type of way which Jens Nilssons shows of when his editing and Gustavs filming gets mixed together and perfected, accompanied by Dirt and Grime & CYBER69.” – Tobias
“The trip started off in Åre after a weekend avalanche training course. Me, Tobias, Douglas, Jens, Leo and Gustav drove to Trondheim hoping there would be some snow there still. In lack of aux inputs in the car,  R-Kelly’s greatest hits was our only choice of music. After a good week in Trondheim we went back to Östersund and stayed at Jens’ place for a few days.” – Sakarias Majander

Warm Season – Camp of Champions

Most skiers think about heading to Whistler in the heart of winter, but there is also a summer ski camp called Camp of Champions to let you get your shred on in June and July.

For a couple of years now, we have sponsored a Revisions Skis Week at Camp of Champions. This year, we sent Mike King, Spencer Milbocker, Sam Zahner, Mike Cappola, Tanner Berg, and Ty Wellman to the party to shred with the pros and groms. Follow along with the guys in the edit below and scroll down to read a few of their recaps.

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“One of the best times of my season shredding up on the glacier, never have been to Canada before so it definitely one for the books! It was crazy going up two long chair lift rides popping out the top of clouds, then taking a bus and another chair lift to the top.  The park was on point so many different trannys, hips and spins with a bunch of creative tail features as well!

Seeing all the little kids just go absolutely insane on some of the features to win prizes we were tossing out. Vibes were always high, especially in the paintball field things where getting pretty aggressive between the snowboarders and skiers, of course.. Haha.  Make sure you wake up everyday excited and ready to have the best day ever again and again!!” – Cappola


“I was so hyped to hear we were going to back to Camp of Champions for Revision Week. Whistler and all of BC is such an awesome place. The drive up from the airport is one of my favorites. Going from sea up into mountains. Rivers, Cliffs, and waterfalls tucked away under massive green pines.

Camp of Champions is amazing, the park is on point, banks and transitions everywhere. So fun ripping around the glacier with all the kids. The staff is on point and makes for such a great atmosphere.

The park is so fun full of banks and transitions. Everyone is stoked and it makes for such a great environment.

Such fun off hill activities, like paintball, dodge ball, skateboarding.

Posted in a sick hotel right in the village. Big shoutouts to the staff at camp of champions and thanks to everyone involved!” – Mike King


Milbocker said his favorite parts about Camp were the dodgeball games, the village itself and the amazing views that Whistler offers.


“So much to say about this awesome place, Whistler is by far one of the coolest places I have ever been. The people, the mountains and the atmosphere were top notch. The park was so creative and made for some really playful lines. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience out in whistler and looking forward to getting back to the glacier!” – Tanner Berg


Looking like another bluebird day on the glacier! Day 3 about to be jump. @campofchampions #revisionweek

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Blunts with @kingxpinn! 📷 @b0ckmeister @campofchampions

A photo posted by Revision Skis ™ (@revisionskis) on

@trexwellman slashing down the park at @campofchampions. Day 2 is looking like another great day. 📷 @b0ckmeister

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About Camp of Champions:

COC was started by Ken Achenbach as a place for up and coming riders to hang out with pro coaches, shred the glaciers in the middle of the summer and have an awesome all around experience.

For a relatively low entry fee considering normal Whistler lift ticket rates, campers learn new tricks, meet people in the ski industry, and are exposed to sponsorship opportunities. But camp doesn’t end with the skiing. Dodgeball fights and trips to the beach are also part of the package.

After camp, attendees can use their new connections to progress within the industry. Whether its a new sponsorship, or an insider job working for a new ski company, COC opens up opportunities.

Skiers who have attended, graduated, and coached at COC include a few big names… Hall, Pettit, Johnson, Wells, Christensen, and Goepper… just to name a few.

Revverse by The Bunch at Snowpark Zermatt

Reviboys at it again

The sun couldn’t leave them alone.
The mountains surrounded them with joyful reflections of this burning globe in the sky above.
They entered the days with layers of sunscreen thick as the layers of snow.
The sunscreen got particularly smushed on the edges of their widening smiles.

Their smiles never stopped.

They reversed themselves coming into Snowpark Zermatt and did the same thing coming out.

They entered the Revverse

So should you

Video by Gustav Cavallin. Skiing by Douglas Källsbo, Sakarias Majander and Leo Björklund.


We stayed in a really sick chalet in Zermatt thanks to Interhome, definitely check them out when you visit Switzerland. Interhome has over 5500 ski properties across Europe, from the cheap and cheerful to the mega-luxury, and everything in between – They operate year round in many resorts, so if you want to get some snow action on the glaciers in shoulder season, you’ll get a great deal. Zermatt is such an iconic resort with the Matterhorn as backdrop, and whether you want to sit in the hot-tub with a great view or be first on the lift in the morning you’ll always find something to fit the bill. Interhome was started in London as Swiss Chalets and is over 50 years old. Interhome now has over 33.000 properties from cottages to castles.


About Snowpark Zermatt

Zermatt is a famed mountaineering and ski resort of the Swiss Alps and they have taken them time to put together an excellent snowpark that is fun for all levels of skiers. There are jibs, rails, boxes, tables, and kickers suited for every taste at Zermatt’s Gravity Park. The snow park and halfpipe are open nearly the whole year and suitable for all levels of riders. The park crew is one of the best in Europe and the views of the Matterhorn are mind blowing. Enhancing your experience is the fact that there are no cars here. This creates a welcoming atmosphere with fresh, crisp air allowing you to feel a part of the village. It truly draws you in, with both visitors and locals moving about on foot. Zermatt has been called the ‘Mountain Mecca’ thanks to it’s 29 mountains soaring over 13,100 feet. It is home to nine of Europe’s ten highest mountains. It is also home to the highest ski lift in Europe and the largest summer skiing area in the Alps. If your looking for lodging, Interhome will get you set up in style.

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Revision Subtraction Review – Blister Gear Review

Recently, Blister Gear Review put a pair of Revision Subtraction powder skis through the paces in Wyoming’s Targhee mountains.  Click here to check out the review.

Blister is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable review authorities in the outdoor sporting goods industry. They’ve conducted reviews of countless pairs of skis, and are known for thorough, honest evaluations and reviews of a given ski’s strengths and weaknesses. They know their stuff, and they aren’t scared to post what’s on their mind. And you can’t buy a review from Blister – they will accept no money from the product manufacturer, not even paid advertising on their site.

So, with that, we were stoked that Blister Gear Review found the Subtraction to ride as advertised in their evaluation. Cy Whitling put in over 20 days before writing his Revision Subtraction review and found them to be a lively, poppy, playful ski that you end up spending a ton of time in the air with. Perfect! That’s what we designed them for.

Here are some of Blister Gear’s findings from their Revision Subtraction review:

“(1) It’s quick. Really quick. I spend a fair bit of time on skis in this 110-118mm waist range, and the Subtraction is the quickest I’ve been on, both on the snow and in the air. All it takes is a flick of the ankles to throw the ski sideways, and the ski is very easy to pivot and slash.

(2) On the flip side, the Subtraction is not very damp. While you can push this ski (especially in softer conditions), it wasn’t designed to straight line through bumps, small trees, and lost children in the most direct route to the bottom. Rather, it wants to pivot around and jump off everything. On that note…

(3) It’s poppy. I’ve spent more time in the air on the Subtraction than on any other ski I’ve been on. It’s incredibly easy to load the tails and pop off of any bump or roller. Once in the air, that low swing weight means shifties and spins are very easy.” – Blister Gear Review’s Cy Whitling

Big thanks to Blister Gear Review for the Revision Subtraction review!

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Revision Subtraction review by Blister Ski Review

Cy Whitling on the Revision Subtraction – Targhee, WY. (Photo credit Cy Whitling, Blister Gear Review)

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Ladies, the wait is over.  Coming Fall 2016, we will be releasing women’s specific ski graphics (Designed by Rachel Bock) along with new ski sizing options.  Expect to see women’s options for both all mountain and powder skis. Please join our mailing list to be the first to know when the Revision women’s skis lineup is released:

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Danylle Hammet

Also, we are excited to be supporting Danylle Hammet.  Danylle recently had a chance to sit down with SBC Skier for an interview that is worth checking out:

We heard you’re cooking up something special with your ski sponsor?

I couldn’t be happier to join Revision Skis! They’re a company with very similar views as mine on the ski industry. They focus on sustainability and rider input on their skis. Their team has super unique styles and riders that I feel really fits my skiing. Keep an eye out for some new products from Revision this fall!

– See more at:

Danylle Hammett Revision Women's Skis

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Rew Fonk

Rew Fonk is equally past tense as it is the future.

Early season in Lycksele and Hemavan, both a part of the Lappland yewlery.

A video made by Andreas Olofsson.
– – – – –
Skiing by Leo Björklund, Sakarias Majander , Erik Pousette.
– – – – –

Intro by LeeB

‘Mind Field’ performed by Jonny Drop

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Rew Fonk was filmed by The Bunch in Lappland, Sweden. Skiers looking for adventure in the Arctic Circle can find:

  • Riksgränsen. 200km north of the Arctic Circle and home to the grand finale of the Scandinavian Freeride Championships. A great area for backcountry skiing and close to the border with Norway. Riksgränsen is also known for its heli-skiing.
  • Björkliden. A family-friendly resort with groomed, above treeline skiing and no waiting in line back at the lift. Accessible from the same train that runs to Riksgränsen.
  • Dundret. Also accessible by rail, Dundret offers a long skiing season (October – May) and a variety of terrain. Hook up with a local and beg for a tour of the backcountry.
  • Storklinten. Another great family-friendly resort which is also close to the coast for other great sight-seeing. All runs end up back at the center of the resort.


Rew Fonk

Photo credit: Wikipedia; Oskar Karlin from Stockholm, Sweden

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